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CCAC has 8 additional Satellite Branches, each campus page will have the information for 2 of these Branches.

Each faculty member has their own home page which contains information about classes they are currently teaching, such as a syllabus, grading, assignments, office hours and contact information. Before registering for a class, you may find it of interest to surf the instructor's home page to get a better idea as to the work involved. If you have specific questions regarding which CIT classes you should be taking that cannot be handled by Campus Advisors, please contact an instructor to set up an appointment and discuss your situation.
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If you are not sure which Campus an Instructor is located at, below is a list alphabetically, when you choose the name it will take you to the Instructors information.  If the Instructor is an Adjunct Instructor the list below will connect you to that Instructors e-mail address.

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