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Step 1  

Patti Yakshe, Admissions Recruiter (724) 325-6614 OR
Linda Sullivan, Advisor for Hospitality Department (724) 325-6736 OR
Josephine Rosa, Advisor for Travel and Tourism Department (724) 325-6633 OR
Donna Smith, Occupational Retention Coordinator  (724) 325-6844
(Perkins Grant-Catering Diploma)

Any of these very helpful people will be more than happy to pass along any information about the Hospitality programs at Boyce Campus that you would like to know.

Step 2  

Fill out the Application for Admissions (one very easy page) and send it in.
Watch the mailbox for letter of acceptance (we take everyone!).

Step 3  

Call Linda Sullivan (724) 325-6736 OR Donna Smith (724) 325-6844 to schedule an appointment to plan your course of study.

Step 4   

Go to the Registration Office and register for the semester.

Step 5  

Go to Student Accounts to pay your tuition and then to Financial Aid to get the necessary forms to apply for grants and loans.

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