Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Hospitality Management As A Profession?

Q:     Interested in Restaurant or Hotel Management?
A:     Contact:

Linda Parrish Sullivan

Q:     Interested in Travel and Tourism?
A:     Contact:

Josephine Rosa, Assistant Professor BOYCE

Toni Lombardi, Associate Professor NORTH
(412) 369-4141

Q:     Interested in transferring credits to CCAC - Boyce Campus?
A:     Contact:

Judy Savolskis
Academic Dean

Questions About Boyce Campus?

Q:     How do I apply? 
Q:     How can I arrange a visit to Boyce Campus?
A:     Contact:

Patti Yakshe
Admissions Recruiter  

Q:     What type of financial aid is available? 
Q:     How do I apply?
A:     Contact:

George Santucci
Director, Financial Aid

Q:     Uncertain about your career goals? 
Q:     What is the future employment outlook?
A:     Contact:

Dr. Charles Bostaph 
Director, Career Planning and Placement Department

Q:     Planning to transfer to a four-year institution?
A:     Contact:

George Carter
Transfer Counselor

Q:     Going back to school and afraid you won't fit in?
A:     Contact:

Terry Carskaddan
Director, Adult Re-entry Center 

Q:     Need to find child care for your children?
A:     Contact:

Nancy Dollar
Child Care Center

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